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Center for Objectivism


The Center for objectivism aims to promote the ideas and work of novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand and her system of philosophy - Objectivism and to show their relevance and applicability in addressing various issues in modern times. We proceed from the assumption that all the choices a person makes in their lives, both both personally and publicly, depend on the accuracy and relevance of their ideas and views i.e. of their philosophy. Therefore, we believe that philosophy must be based on reality and should justify a practical moral code, a morality that guides the person in successfully building their lives. The Center fulfills this mission by organizing attendance and online training on objectivism and by publishing analytical materials that address current social and personal problems having considered it across the prism of Objectivism. Unique to the Center is its approach to seek and offer rational and practical solutions to the problems of everyday life, using objectivist approach - as to correctly identify and formulate problems and their context and suggest steps for action in accordance with the principles of rational selfishness. The Center for objectivism is a project of the Institute for Free Capitalism (IFC) in Bulgaria, launched with the support of Objectivist Venture Fund, USA.